Random thoughts for January 20th

Recently we’ve been hearing about polar vortexes, while I’m not sure who created that term, I can see where similar terms could be used in the coming months, here’s a few suggestions:

Some hurricanes will now be called tropical vortexes, these will be slow moving storms.

Snow vortexes: these will be slow moving storms, similar to what used to be called blizzards.

Rain vortexes: these will be storms that move slowly and dumps large amounts of rain.

However the vortex label can also be used in non-weather situations, such as:

Hacking vortexes: a large number of data breaches at retailers.

Credit vortexes: this one can be used for a number of things, from credit hack, bank failures, housing bubbles and even government shutdowns.

Tv vortexes: a.k.a. reality shows.

These are just a few vortex ideas, I’m interested in any you might think up, feel free to leave any comments below.
Thanks for reading!


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