Watch out Zombies, Sharks are coming!

That’s right, it’s war between the Zombies and the Sharks! Well, maybe not, but I’m noticing a change in movies being promoted.
In recent years there were Zombie movies coming out every month (or it seemed like it anyway), now there are more and more Shark movies being made, only the Shark movies have to have the sharks attacking via an odd weather event. With that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of suggestions for screenwriters who want to take advantage of this trend.

  • Shark blizzard: a normal winter day in New York quickly turns into a day of horror as the latest blizzard brings mutant sharks.
  • Sharks on a comet: Space sharks arrive on a comet that threaten to destroy all life on earth, only the brave actions of a team of Ninja Astronauts can save the Earth.
  • Shark Earthquake: a normal day in L.A. Is suddenly turned into a nightmare as an earthquake releases a horde of prehistoric land sharks.
  • Shark Vortex: a Polar Vortex brings more than meteorologists expect as sharks suddenly fall from the sky in Kansas City during the Super Bowl!
  • Air Force Shark: When Air Force One flys into a storm of sharks, only the President (a former Navy SEAL), a commando chef and an L.A. Detective can save the day.
  • Temple of Sharks: an adventurer searching for a priceless artifact is trapped in a temple as sharks rain down, but he’s also the target of a Nazi sniper, can he survive?
  • You only get eaten once: A British spy attempts to save the world from terrorists who have found a way to attack there targets with a storm of Sharks.
  • And of course the most obvious crossover:

  • Shark Zombies: Need I say more!
  • I’m sure that there are a lot more shark movie ideas out there, but this should get you started… Just remember to give me a bit of credit.
    I’m sure you can cast a few of these ,voices just by the title or discription.

    Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below, I’m always interested in your thought, will shark movies become the next zombie movies? Do you have an idea I missed? Comment!


    One thought on “Watch out Zombies, Sharks are coming!

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