Are you a crane?

Tonight’s bad joke:


A construction foreman was having a bad day, half of his crew was new, the other half didn’t show up for work that day and to top everything off, the crane that was needed wasn’t there. Turning to the closest worker he yelled for him to get a crane ASAP. The newbie nodded and went to get a crane. An hour later he returned with a crane, walked up to the foreman and said “Ukraine sir.”


See? Didn’t I tell you it was a bad joke?

Before I continue I was to explain that I know very little about Ukraine except for what’s in the news, I hold no ill will towards the people of Ukraine, but I’m going to take advantage of all humor I can find for my blog. That said, let’s get to some humor!


In all honesty, what kind of country calls itself Ukraine? It only leads to the people there calling one another cranes, which is not much of an insult.


Ukraine had been in the news lately as they are  having protests over anti-protesting laws… I guess those laws weren’t that well written, were they?


The last time Ukraine was in the news as prominently as it is now, they were having their Orange Revolution, which I assume was orange juice and vodka.


I think that there must be a better way to change a country’s direction than protests that turn violent, maybe the leads of the government and the opposition should have a competition to determine who controls the country, they should choose a sport that none of them are familiar with to keep it fair and have a winner takes all approach.

What could make that even better and also profitable for Ukraine, would be if they turned it into a reality show, they could sell it to some cable channel for millions and within a year we’d be forced to ignite unrest in countries around the world for rates.


All joking aside, the protesters in Ukraine are calling for a new government in Ukraine, demanding that their president resign at once… just like what’s happening in Syria, which leads me to wonder if Ukraine will become another Syria if things don’t change.


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Feel free to comment.


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