Something to ponder

I’ve got something for you to ponder tonight:

You always hear people saying the way to make money is to make a better mousetrap, but no one ever talks about a better way to move snow.
If you think about it for a few moments, you’ll see that there is a lot of room for improvement where the current snow removal tools are concerned.

  • shovels work, but they require a lot of work, not that there’s anything wrong with work.
  • snow blowers move snow much easier, but they are fairly dangerous if they jam up.
  • Now what can’t someone invent something to melt snow as soon as the sun peeks out?
    Maybe someone could invent a safe flamethrower to melt snow away.

    Now that the NSA is watching me even closer since I mentioned flamethrowers, I’ll end this by asking if anyone has any idea on a better snow removal tactic.
    Thanks for reading!


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