How to make the Super Bowl more exciting

Seeing that my best received post this week had to do with Super Bowl food, I thought I’d take a chance at posting more of my ideas for the Super Bowl.

First however I want to apologize for a number of small mistakes on my blog this past week, I have only the excuse that they looked fine in my WordPress app, I’ll try to take more time in the future to minimize these mistakes.

Now on to my super Super Bowl ideas:


While football fans all enjoy the Super Bowl and many other people enjoy the commercials, why doesn’t some enterprising company and the NFL get together and combine them into one? After every touch down pass for instance, a group of snack food mascots could take to the field and replay the touch down pass.

Another idea would be for a camera to zoom in on a player between plays or on the sidelines and have him pick up an item and do a ten second commercial for it, it could be something like this:

Camera zooms in on Manning. Manning looks into the camera with a smile, holds up a bar of Best-o deodorant and says: “When the game’s on the line, I trust Best-o!”


As the players run back on the field after receiving the coach’s instructions, he turns to the camera and says: “These markers are the best! Rain, Snow, Wind, they mark in all-weather!” Banner pops up with the name Mark-O.

This is just a few quick ideas on how it could be done, there are many more, but I’ve got too many more ideas on other ways to make it more exciting.

Instead of having cities bid to host the Super Bowl, just choose one city and stick with it, build a special stadium shaped like a soup bowl, as a bonus it can be filled with water in the summer and used as a water park.

Instead of dousing the winning coach in sport drinks, dunk him in a hot tub filled with chicken noodle soup.

Before playing the game for real, have the two coaches play against one another on a computer that projects each move holographically onto the field, you’d be able to get twice the football and twice the commercials.


Food can also make a Super Bowl more enjoyable, here are a few suggestions:


Bake a sheet cake, frost it like the field, then create tiny replicas of each player with toothpicks to hold him in position on the cake field. While the game is on, you get to move the players with your friends, you’ll get a whole new perspective on the game.

Bake a number of buns the shape of footballs, after each pass, try recreating the play with your friends, good for seconds of fun, make sure you’ve got plenty of spare football buns!

Get a gigantic bowl of soup and sit outside before the game watching it, when someone asks what you’re doing, tell them you’re watching the super bowl.

Eat a steak while watching the game tomorrow, yell out your brand every time you hear “Omaha!”


That’s about all the ideas I have tonight, now it’s your turn to suggest some to me! Thanks for reading!



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