When in the course of time

When in the course of time it becomes clear that you don’t have any idea of what to blog about, don’t panic! I’ve created a simple method of creating a unique post that I’m going to share with you.

Step one is to think about what you’ve blogged during the past week, if you can come up with something to continue on with, you don’t need to read anymore of this post. It can help to eat a favorite food while doing this, such as chocolate covered broccoli.

Step two, look at the big news making headlines today or tonight depending on when you’re writing. You never know when something like chocolate covered broccoli might made headlines! If something interests you and you think that it can be turned into something that fits on your blog, stop reading this and get busy!

Step three, if the first two steps have failed (which they will from time to time) take a moment to read a few blogs, if you are lucky some word in those blogs will thrust an idea into your mind that you can run with.

Step four, if the first three steps fail to create any ideas, do a web search using your favorite search engine for a term you use in your blog, say chocolate covered broccoli. If you find a website devoted to chocolate covered broccoli, alert the FBI, NSA, CIA and local police to it as it is most likely a secret terrorist website (what else can you use broccoli for?), unless you are sworn to secrecy you can blog about how you single-handedly saved the world from broccoli wielding terrorists, you might also find your story being made into a movie.

Step five, if the first for steps fail, don’t worry, you’ve still got to more to go before giving up! This is a good point to consider writing a post about your favorite food (which hopefully isn’t chocolate covered broccoli), if you did a post like this last week, skip to step six. If you have enough to say about your favorite food consider breaking it into two or more posts, as this will help you with a post next week.

Step six, if all else fails, write a post about how to write a post, everyone is going to have times when they can’t come up with anything to blog about, this is your chance to turn it from a liability to a strength!

I hope that these six easy steps help you with your blog, I know they have sure helped me tonight!

Thanks for reading and I’d really like to know how you get past a lack of ideas!

By the way, a search for chocolate covered broccoli turns up more results than I could ever imagine, we must be surrounded by food terrorists!


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