‘Modern’ takes on classic movies

Lately I have seen movie descriptions saying that the movie is a modern retelling of some classic story or another.
I enjoy classic movies, I admit that, I also understand that Hollywood has always remade movies, perhaps updating them slightly, that’s fine. What really gets me is these movies that were made between 10 and 20 years ago are being called modern. Take a movie made in 2005, it cannot really be modern because they didn’t have smartphones.
Can you really take a movie where the people use pagers and call it modern?
Or where the characters have to search for payphone?
Look at a map because they don’t have a smart phone that has mapping features on it?

These movies might not be horrible, but they are definitely not ‘modern’.
It would be like remaking a King Arthur movie, replacing the swords with flintlocks and calling it a modern war movie.

I have decided to start a series of posts dedicated to showing Hollywood how to mess up the classics, This will be maybe one post a week, I’ll still have my regular posts, so don’t worry about that, you’ll still see my random thoughts and my odd humor just as often.

Thanks for reading and feel free to suggest a classic I should update.

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