Humor for Saturday Febuary 22nd

I’m devoting this whole post to humor, whether or not anyone likes it is besides the point, I can only hope that some readers get a few chuckles and I don’t mean the candy!

Well it’s Saturday night and you know what that means – tomorrow is Sunday! That’s right, only a little more than a day before it’s Monday! Everyone just loves Mondays, right?

The Olympics are almost over, so soon we won’t hear about the U.S. Curling athletes for another four years… unless there’s an endorsement deal for hair products.

If a country is a ‘third world country’ does that mean it stretches over three planets?


Here are a few jokes for tonight, bad ones mostly, please remember to suspend your disbelief for the next few moments:


What did the radish say to the drunk cucumber?

You’re pickled!


A metal foundry enjoyed playing golf, eventually it was a championship game, the secret to its success? It had good irons.


When does the moon get to eat? After it gets its first quarter!


What is the red planet’s favorite candy company? The Mars company.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of humor. Thanks for reading!


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