How to destroy a classic movie: A Slight Case Of Murder

While this is undoubtedly a movie not known to the masses today, it is also a prime candidate to be remade because of the basic plot.
You can get a bit more detail about the movie on Wikipedia:

The original movie from 1938 had a bootlegger turn honest businessman running a brewery that turns out horrible tasting beer, only he doesn’t know it because it was good enough during Prohibition and no one –not even his gang– is willing to tell him that. No one buys his beer and he’s on the brink of bankruptcy. He takes his family to his vacation home. A gang of murderers were waiting there for him after pulling a heist, only they were killed by one of their own after a game of poker goes crooked, the gangster who killed his partners wanted to grab the loot and split, but the ex bootlegger arrives right then.
Long story short, all kinds of comical fun happens as he and his boys try to hide the bodies and deal with other situations that crop up… It’s got a happy ending as well.

It’s a great movie and I enjoy it, it’s funny and light hearted really.
With the legalization of marihuana in Here in Colorado and also in Washington, it stands to reason that this movie can be adjusted and made current. Here’s my ideas:

To keep it comical, we’ll require a diverse cast of people thy shouldn’t even work together. As most illegal drugs come through Mexico, we’ll call the main ex smuggler Juan, we’ll give him an idiot brother named yang (maybe he’s only a half brother), this brother will be a French chief who only does chocolate deserts (this gives a bit of humor with luck).
Next we’ll have to come up with some reason he’s not selling his stock like it used to sell, I’ll leave that up to wiser minds than mine.
Next our ex smuggler needs a few sidekicks, going for the same kind of humor as before, we’ll give him the son of an English Earl for one, a Canadian who could never make the NHL for another (if you use the ‘goon’ stereotype that could add some stupid humor as well), maybe throw in an ousted dictator and a KGB agent to round it out, that should be enough stereotypes to keep everyone laughing (or yelling in anger) for the whole movie.
We’ll leave most of the rest of the movie the same as the original for a while, only his vacation home will be in Aspen (if it’s filmed there there would be tax breaks!) this also allows for the always present suggestion of leaving the stiffs in the snow with skis on.
Met of the rest of the movie can remain the same, only substitute machine guns for pistols.
The rest of this movie can be filled with comedy, the end should remain true the the original however, I can’t think of a better ending.
I won’t ruin the ending for you,you’ll just have to find the 1938 movie and watch it.

Thanks for reading this and please feel free to comment.
I welcome suggestions for next weeks classic to remake in Hollywood’s current style.
I hope no one is offended by anything in this post, it is meant to be humorous.


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