How to survive a time travel accident, part one

This series of posts will teach you everything that you need to know to survive a time travel accident. While not every situation can be covered in a single blog post or even a series of posts, I will try to give you enough pointers that you should easily be able to adjust to other situations.


This post assumes that you have been sent somewhere back in time to around the middle ages, future posts will deal with other eras.


The most critical time after being involved in a time travel accident is the first few minutes, after you’ve had a chance to adjust to your new surroundings you’ll be much less likely to die. The first thing you must do when finding yourself in a strange time is to determine if you have arrived in the middle of a battle field or what is about to become a battlefield. This can normally be assumed if there are large numbers of armed men nearby, a number of breastworks in evidence or other fortifications that have been erected quickly.


If you find yourself in such a situation don’t panic! What you must do before anything else is to find a leader of an army,  you should also endeavor to discover who is fighting whom.

Once you know what armies are about to do battle you must make yourself indispensable to the leader, suggest what might seem like a commonsense move, all the while hoping that the leader you’ve attached yourself to has enough brains to understand your suggestion but not enough to have thought of it himself. Once you’ve managed to aid this leader in winning the battle you’ll have a job… at least until you fail him. If asked where you come from, name any place you want to, just say that its far away and you came because you had a vision showing that the way to greatness was to follow this leader into battle.


If you do not find yourself in the midst of battle, consider yourself fortunate, then look for a niche in society that you can exploit while waiting for rescue from your own time, if that is even possible.

You might consider becoming an artist as they would be able to travel without being questioned as much and if you can flatter a king enough you might even be commissioned by him.

If art isn’t your forte, consider what you are good at and adapt it. It is always recommended to know at least one or two pieces of Shakespeare word for word, that would allow you to tell tales if nothing else, if you can play a flue or other small instrument you would stand an even better chance for success.


Next time we’ll talk about other situations that you could find yourself in.


Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend! Feel free to comment.



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