How to destroy a classic movie: Saboteur

Tonight I’m attempting something I’ve never done before during these weekly acts of movie ruining, tonight I’m attempt to ruin a movie Hollywood style that was directed by one of the the best, if not the best, directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock.
This week I’m looking at the great movie ‘Sabotur’ a 1942 movie about an innocent man accused of murder and sabotage during WWII.
In brief, the plot is this:

Innocent man works at factory, along with his best friend, another man who is the real saboteur and others. Attempting to put out the fire that was set, the innocent man hands a fire extinguisher to his friend, only it’s been filled with gas, the friend dies and the innocent man finds himself under suspicion of sabotage.
He flees, realizing who was really behind the sabotage and knowing where he’s gone due to an envelope he saw.
What follows is a cross county chase, involving plenty of police, a blind man, a pretty woman who has her face on everything including billboards, a threat on Hoover dam (then know as Boulder dam), kidnapping, blowing up a battleship and culminating in a harrowing experience on the Statue of Liberty.

You can read more details on Wikipedia here:

Now let’s begin our work on adjusting this classic into a modern movie.

We can keep the name, it’s fine. Let’s call our hero Jim, our heroine Janet and the real saboteur Freddy.
Now for the setting. While an airplane factory worked during WWII, we need something more modern, so we’ll use a cyberwar fare unit based in Alaska.
Now we need some kind of sabotage, let’s use a computer virus that overloads the base’s miniature nuke plant.
While trying to preform an emergency shutdown, Jim’s friend is killed, the saboteur wipes all record of his existence and makes good his escape.
Jim escapes from jail, where he was incarcerated on suspicion of murder, he’s told that he was the only person working at the cyberwar fate bade besides his friend who died.
Further making good on his escape, Jim finds himself in the wilderness with only a dogsled and a blanket thrown around his shoulder in lieu of a jacket, he also has a tracking device in his arm that transmits his location every six hours.
Somehow he reaches the safety of a deserted cabin and removes the tracking device with a knife (this adds enough gore that it’ll get the attention of horror movie fans if done correctly).
Now Jim has only to navigate through the wilderness during a blizzard, his goal is a retired general who had once met Freddy during an inspection tour and who might believe Jim.
After nearly freezing to death at least twice, Jim arrives at the retired general’s home, but he’s greeted by Freddy, who’s the general’s minion. Jim learns that the General had a dastardly plan to be called back into action, Freddy is only one part of the plan to turn vital secrets over to unfriendly governments.
Jim is forced to flee once more, barely escaping the police by stealing a motorboat, which happens to have Janet on board.
Janet is a famous actress who doesn’t believe Jim at first, until the general’s men kidnap her to force Jim to cooperate.
They are taken to Florida, where Jim is expected to be traded to an enemy agent in exchange for a pizza recipe (this adds humor to the story and it might be called a comedy).
Jim and Janet escape and flee into the Everglades, this sets up several death defying sequences with alligators… Not to mention wildfire, undoubtedly there are even more horrifying ways to die I the Everglades if Hollywood wants to use them.
Now everything gets wrapped up as Jim and Janet stumble into an undercover installation of British spies who were already investigating the sabotage and have enough on Freddy and the General to send them to jail for years.
Jim and Janet live happily ever after, or until the General escapes and kidnaps Janet, it all depends on if a sequel is wanted.

I hope you’ve enjoyed ruining another classic with me!
I’m sorry this post is a bit late tonight, I also apologize for any typos that I might have missed.
Feel free to comment below.


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