How to survive a Time Travel accident, part four

This is the last of our lesions in surviving a time travel accident, at least until I have other things to say on the subject.

Tonight we will cover the last two options you might be faced with as, as well as do a quick review of the previous parts.


If you find yourself stuck in a future where human kind hasn’t encountered massive setbacks, wars or alien invasion, you have one possible option that most people wouldn’t think of exploiting, namely archeology.

Now before you dismiss this idea out of hand, please remember that you’ve got a head start on all other fakers, you’ve lived in this time and as such you can tell the future humans that a PDA wasn’t an early attempt as vaporizing people. You can also explain that the thousands of small rectangular pieces of plastic with magnetic strips on the back were used for transferring money, not as toothpicks. Small things like these might not be evident to future humans, as they undoubtedly will have DNA scanners that subtract the correct amount of Dracnors from their blood stream to pay for their purchases. and such old-fashioned ideas as having plastic cards linked to bank accounts will be all but unimaginable to them.

This is the best case situation for getting stuck in the future… if you do get stuck in the future don’t hesitate in trying to use future technology to return home, after all, if you manage to travel into the future, future humans will undoubtedly have already invented the same device.


Now for the best case situation after being trapped in the past:


Depending on when you get trapped in the past, consider going into politics, you’ll be coming at it from a unique angle; you’ll already know what will work and what won’t.

When going into politics in the past, feel free to use a fake name. A simple reason for this is that Greg Jones isn’t going to gain as much popularity as Tomas Jefferson. You must realize that you may all ready be a famous person in the past, you just need to get there in order to find out.

In such a case we’re forced to wonder if time travel has been rigged, after all, the world can be changed by a single person not being where he or she is supposed to be at a certain time, keep this in mind before and during your adventures in time.


To review:

Part one focused on what to do during the minutes first following being stranded in the past,  both during times of war and times of peace. It included tips for convincing the leader of an army to take you as an adviser in the midst of battle. During peace time I offered the pros of becoming an artist.


Part two focused on other ways to make a living by inventing items before their time, I also cautioned you about not inventing something too far in advance of it being useful.

Also included in this part was the suggestion that rescuing a doomed person of importance might be useful as well.


Part three dealt with certain situations that you might find yourself in in the future.

Also in part three I discussed how human kind might have changed, how it might have been involved in large wars or invaded by aliens.

I offered suggesting options ranging from becoming a blacksmith to taking over leadership of human enclaves. Also covered was the idea of becoming a hermit.


Part four is this part, which wraps everything up… if you need more details please feel free to comment below.


Thanks for reading, I hope that you’ve found the past few Saturday nights filled with interesting ideas and helpful suggestions regarding being stranded in time.

Please feel free to comment below.


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