Jokes for March 26

Tonight we’ve got a few interesting jokes for you, they’re all fruity fresh and tasty too!

When the vined fruits challenged one another to a game of chess, the outcome was clear from the start, the grapes got squashed.


Microsoft could be looking at ways to improve their image. Here’s just a few of the things they should be considering:

  • Creating a cooking show called Simply Bing
  • Re branding ‘Windows’ as ‘OSBing’
  • Changing the Windows logo to that of a Bing cherry.
  • A new slogan to go with the new logo: “You get the whole fruit, not one with a byte removed”
  • A second slogan to accompany their new email: “Bing, you’re mail is there!”*
  • Creating a new jewelry focused search engine called “Bling”


*an alternate to the new email slogan might instead be: “Bingo! Email is go!”

Did you hear about the accident at the candy factory that was run entirely by fruits?
The apples were candied and the cherries were covered in chocolate.

What kind of berries do horses love?

Why did the vineyard owner turn away the annoying grapes?
He didn’t like their whine!

Now for what I promised you last week, something special, the jokes and puns that didn’t make it into this post (even though they actually are making it in) !

What do you get if you cross a blackberry with a blueberry?
A bruiseberry.

Which fruits are the most elite
Pears, they put on airs!

What did the raspberry say when he realized he forgot his wallet?
Boy is my face red!

Let me know if you like these jokes, I know they’re a bit different from my normal ones.
Thanks for reading!

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