Important press release

This just in from Washington, thousands of UFOs have just been sited sighted over Hollywood.
Rumors are running rampant even as Hollywood is rushing to make stock fill for movies that will be made in the next few years.
Recent radio communication with the UFOs have reveled that they are filled with actors and actresses from the past fifty years that stared in nothing but failed movies, they are ordering Hollywood to star them in blockbuster movies.
Sources with ties to Hollywood have reported that old props used in B-Movies during the 1950s have recently been reported missing, including prop saucers from ‘The day the earth Stood Still’, ‘Plan 9 from outer space and other sci fi movies.
So far there has been no word on if the military will attempt to shoot the UFOs down or simply quote Shakespeare to them.

A person with knowledge of the problem added “Only Edward D Wood, jr can save us now!”.


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