It’s the most wonderful time of the year

No, I haven’t flipped, I know it’s not Christmas time, it’s something much better, it’s baseball season!
Baseball season is here again, it’s a time of great hoped, every team believes that they can win the World Series, every player believing that he can win the MVP (both league and team), every hitter is dreaming of a silver slugger.
Dreams are what baseball is made of, all the dreams are good ones… Until some go down hill and become nightmares.
Still, it’s the start of a new season, no matter if your team wins or loses the opening day game, they can still get into the playoffs, there are still 161 games remaining.
Yes, baseball season is starting, for the time it’s the most wonderful time of the year, next week is soon enough for reality to set in.

Go Rockies! We’re going to the World Series this year!

Thanks for reading!


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