Latest news on Russian troop movements

Here is the latest reports on the build up of Russian troops inside the Russian boarder:

At 10:00 this morning, Russian troops began the next phase in their war games, performing complicated maneuvers that varied from point to point.
Near Sochi, an elite group of winter soldiers took to the ice to demonstrate their prowess in ice dancing.
Near the Ukraine boarder, Russian troops began doing the hokey pokey, in other areas along the Russian boarder maneuvers included such daunting stunts as the Charlston, the waltz and other dances.
Russian president Vladimir Putin declared that his army was ready to face off with the worlds best, adding that he was sure that his troops could outperform any they went up against, as long as there wasn’t any Square dancing involved.
Use of square dancing tactics during confrontation between two countries is strictly forbidden under UN law.
Ukrainian troops have been placed on high alert and are beginning to preform their own training exercises, however they are woefully short on Fox Trot experts and are appealing for international aid.
Producers from U.S. based talent shows are all ready on their way to the Ukrainian/Russian boarder as of the time of this news release.
An US official close to the president warns that an all out contest between US and Russian troops could be costly, adding “what we really need now is Fred Astaire.”
We’ll keep you updated as this story evolves.

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