The world will be mine!

I, Doctor J. Smith, will soon unleash my unstoppable horde of drone misquotes, each drone carries a single dose of Hexodouble 4, the most powerful mind control substance ever created, I should know, I created it with the help of my robotic friend… True, I did have some help from my ever willing assistant William, but not much.
Some of you must be wondering why I ordered that nincompoop robot to hack into this blog so I could reveal my plans for world domination, let me explain:
Every villain tells his story to a captive hero and always slips up and gives away a secret way of being defeated. I hold no such hero captive, besides I’m not evil, all I want is to be rich! Soon I’ll have more money than anyone in the universe, after which I can get to work creating a vending machine that can dispense androids.
The main reason I’m writing this is to see just how many of my future minions are willing to join me without the use of Hexodouble 4, I offer great retirement benefits.
It’s too late to stop me anyway, I’m throwing the lever that activates my two trillion mechanical mosquitoes now!
They live! My master plan is under way! They said I could never do, but I have!
Wait! No! Why is my hoard of two trillion mechanical mosquitoes falling to the floor of my lab? The batteries were bad! Another fine mess you blithering nincompoop got me in to!
Oh! The pain of failure! The agony of it all! The pain!
Come along, William, there’s work to be done for next years plot, I’ll steal all the gold on Earth with my gold transmitter!

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