Jokes for April 9th

Tonight we’ve got jokes for the technically inclined, though I hope everyone can enjoy these.

What is a computer’s favorite zombie show?
The walking XP.

What do Apple’s mobile devices have to display before they are ready shipping?
iOS, therefore I am.

What brand of tech devices won’t doctors use?
Apple, you know what they say everyday about apples and doctors…

A laptop and a printer walk into a bar, they quickly leave because they couldn’t find a driver.

A computer suddenly realized how to use a mouse, the explanation? It just clicked.

Did you know that computers, tablets and smartphones are all picky about who uses them?
They all screen their users.

How do computers eat?
They take a byte and nibble*.

Did you hear about the idiot who became a spy? The first thing he did after being issued a computer was to download some spyware.

Thanks for reading, I hope you had a chuckle. Feel free to comment below.

*a nibble is half a byte, it’s an old tech term that’s not used anymore.



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