Random thought for April 14th

What this world needs is people who say what they mean and don’t decide to say the opposite a minute later.
This problem is wide spread, much wider than most people realize. For instance, have you listened to weather forecasters? I’ve heard them a few days ago say that the snow I here in Denver wouldn’t stick to the pavement or sidewalks and ten seconds later he said to be careful shoveling it… If that isn’t confusing I don’t know what is.
Then you have people saying that something can be done one day, the next they say it can’t be done, the thing is nothing has changed.
I truly believe that this world would be a nicer place if everyone said what they meant the first time around.

Thanks for reading, I apologize for complaining, tomorrow we’ll return to normal blogging, we’ll have humor, or something about the NSA, or maybe both.


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