How the U.S government could change its image

Many people have discussed how the U.S government can restore its image, I’m going a step further, here’s a few ideas how they can become a interesting entity that everyone in the world wants to watch (in a good way).

Use it’s hackers to find and patch all holes in Windows XP and release them to the public (this also would allow them to spy on everyone using XP).

Use it’s drones to do instant replay for MLB, it could spell savings at the ticket window. If it works well it could be expanded to the NFL as well.

Spy on the spies spying on the spies who are spying on the spies that spy on the first spies.

Use the NSA to learn how the tax code works by spying on the IRS (this would takes years).

Change the names of departments to something more fun (eg: NSA becomes National Agency Securing Things Secret, or N.A.S.T.Y. The CIA could be called Spies R Us.)

Make all IRS workers dress as vampires year round (since they suck the life out of tax payers.)

Make all CIA agents were trench coats and dark glasses, also supply them with exploding pens and other spy gadgets.

Make all U.S. Ambassadors talk like human beings, if that’s too hard, at least have them greet every person they meet with ‘live long and prosper’ (that alone would make a lot of fans).

Rename all military branches, instead of an army, call it them minutemen (in reference the the revolution) the navy could become sea pirates and the air force would be jet setters.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got a chuckle or two. Feel free to comment below.


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