It was one year ago today…

It was one year ago today (April 17th) that I started this blog.
It’s been an interesting year, I’ve learned a lot about blogging, but I’ve also realized that I have a lot more to learn.
I’ve changed my blog quite a hit since I started it, I drifted around trying to figure out what would get more likes and comments for several months, I finally discovered that humor was liked more than not, but I’ve yet to discover how to get comments consistently.
When I first started out it was hard to decide what to blog about on a given day, but during the past few months I’ve started setting aside certain days of the week for certain post, Wednesdays are joke days, Friday is the day I rewrite classic movies in the fashion of today’s Hollywood, Saturdays I do humorous howtos…
While I’m set with those days right now, how knows where I’ll be in another year, maybe I’ll have another day or two set like that, or maybe I’ll be doing something completely different every day of the week, maybe I won’t bother with jokes, all I know is that I’ll still be blogging… Unless my NSA jokes annoy someone.
I do have a few goals for my second year of blogging, I’m planning on growing my readers somehow, I’m also hoping to start getting more comments.
Perhaps in another year I’ll have enough views on my posts to brag about, it’ll be fun trying.
I thank you, those of you who read and like my posts, it’s due to you that I’ve continued this long, I hope you’ll enjoy my posts over the next year.
I’m planning on making some updates and changes to my blog over the coming weeks, I welcome your comments.

Thanks again for read this and all my posts.


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