Random thought for April 21st

This is the time of year sports fans just love, everything is going on, hockey playoffs, baseball season and NFL offseason training, also all the other, smaller time sports, not to mention golf, which why would anyone?
True, golf and baseball both share one principle, you try to hit a small ball with a stick (it’s called either a bat or a club depending on the sport, but it’s still just a stick), and that’s where the similarity ends.
Everyone is so sports obsessed that I doubt important news would ever reach some people, they’d be more concerned about a stubbed toe than a revolution or a great deal on ice cream.

It’s spring time here in denver, which means it’s almost summer, the weather starts to think its July and highs are nearing eighty, now trees are starting to leaf out, that means last years seed pods are hitting the ground.
I thought I had a joke or two there but I didn’t, sorry about that.

Thanks for reading!

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