Nothing certain in life, save for…

Death, taxes and idiots.
Everyone is forced to deal with idiots, it’s a fact of life, luckily there are things you can do to minimize your stress.
The one sure fire thing you can do is to travel back in time and set yourself up as a ruler, you can ignore all idiots by ordering them put to work mucking out the stables for ten years.
Now that option isn’t very realistic for most of us, so I have a few more suggestions for you:

Ignore as many people as possibly, this reduces the number of idiots you meet.

Tell the idiots you meet that if they can explain pi to you in under ten words you’ll pay them fifty bucks, they should spend so much time trying to figure out how to explain it to you that they won’t notice you escaping.

Learn an insult in another (non widely known) language and use it on an idiot, they won’t know at first whether or not you’re complimenting them.

The easiest (and perhaps more fun) way to relieve the stress of dealing with idiots it to say something rude to the idiot in your mind*, such as ‘the wizard called, you left a pile of straw in the emerald city.’, ‘you’re the living proof that there isn’t any intelligent life on earth.’

I hope these suggestions at least gives you a smile.
Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.

This post is not intended to insult anyone who is an idiot, I believe that everyone reading my blog is not an idiot, however I do believe everyone reading my blog has a sense of humor.

* I am not recommending insulting people to their face.


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