I’d like your input

I’d like your input, as I’ve posted recently, as my blog has been around for over a year, I’ve decided I need to make a few tweaks to it.
I’d like your input on what changes I should make to my blog. I welcome all ideas, even if I might not take them.
I do have a few questions to pose to you:

Do you enjoy the variety of topics I covet?
Do you think I should stop ruining classics movies on Friday nights?
Should I blog on Sundays?
Should I blog more often? Less?

Is there anything I can change to make your viewing of my blog easier?
Should I change the theme?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to comment.


4 thoughts on “I’d like your input

  1. Hi Colin – your blog is already entertaining, however, if you want to perk it up a bit more, why not add photos, pictures, etc, and try out a few different WordPress themes – most of them are free and you can preview what they’d look like before settling on one – I do that from time to time 😀

    Regards how often to reblog – that’s entirely up to you – it’s your blog and it needs to entertain YOU first and US second 😀


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