How to destroy a classic movie: To have and have not

It’s Friday night, welcome aboard the classic movie destroyer!
Tonight we’re setting our sights on To Have and Have Not, set in WWII and based on the Ernest Hemingway novel of the same name, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

The plot:

In WWII Martinique a fishing boat captain and his drunken first mate try to make a living, when their last client is killed while still owing him money, he’s forced to help the French resistance by smuggling in an operative.
The captain ends up removing a bullet, romancing two women and trying to avoid Vichy spies. By the end of the movie he ends up lunching an attempt to free someone from devils island, we never find out if he survives or not.

As always, Wikipedia has a much fuller description here:

Our story:

Set in the future, on a space station in deep space, the captain of a mining ship is stranded on the station when her employer shuts down at the start of the first galactic war.
To this point of our story, humanity has kept quiet, waiting until it’s pulled into the war and refusing to take sides before then.
An alien on the station hires the mining captain to pick up a passenger on a nearby substation. While doing so, the mining ship comes under attack by the enemy. Barely escaping with the passenger, the mining captain swears that she won’t run another such mission.
By the time the mining ship returns to the station, it’s been occupied by the enemy, who insists on searching every vessel that docks.
Somehow the passenger is smuggled off, but the captain is under suspicion anyway, all of her money and possessions are seized… Except for the mining ship, which is low on fuel anyway.
The captain realizes that she has been a pawn in a struggle to drag humanity into the war and decides to turn the tables. She begins by selling out every alien that has slighted her to the other side, then warning the aliens she informed against, claiming that their own side had sold them out. Chaos rules the station as everyone fight one another, but for some reason leaves the captain alone. The enemy learns just how hard it will be to keep order when everyone is fighting one another.
During the chaos, the captain manages to acquire enough fuel to return to Earth, as she leaves the station, it explodes.
The last thing we see is the cunning captain flying her ship through an astroid belt to avoid the two gigantic war fleets that are about to annihilate each other.

So what did you think? Did I manage to stay close enough to the original yet change it enough to make it entertaining?
Thanks for reading!


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