How to destroy classic movies: Gone With the Wind

It’s Friday night and that means we’re going to remake yet another classic movie. Tonight I’m going to start something a bit different, I’m going to make this movie the movie we’re going to redo for the rest of the month, each remaining Friday in May I’ll show you another way that Gone With the Wind could be remade, I hope you’ll enjoy them.
Let’s get started.

While the original movie and the book that started everything has a detailed plot, we’re not worrying about any of that, we’re just sticking to a few key parts of the plot form the original movie:

1: The main actress is named Scarlet and her romantic counter in Rhett Butler.
2: The one phrase Scarlet says that everyone remembers is in the scene where she is standing on a hill saying “As god is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again.”
3: Rhett’s most memorable phrase is “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
4: The burning of Atlanta.

With those four key parts we can build a great movie without a plot.

Our movie:

A group of storm chasers are following a tornado, the only two we really care about are Scarlet and Rhett. It’s just an ordinary day… Until the tornado merges with four others and becomes the worst tornado ever seen on Earth.
It takes out a nuclear power plant and rains radioactive debris down on Atlanta, sparking fires galore.
As the storm chasers arrive in Atlanta, one of them, an unimportant one, stumbles into a pile of radioactive waste and dies.
As the tornado is continuing along its devastating path toward the sea, the remaining storm chasers follow it, ignoring the danger and their lost comrade.
Rhett drives into the outskirts of the wind, Scarlet tries to get a hold of officials to warn them, but she doesn’t have a single. In her annoyance, Scarlet shakes her phone and declares, “As god is my witness, I’ll never go without wifi again!”
They get ahead of the storm, they think they are safe, but the last spare storm chaser dies somehow, it doesn’t much matter how, only he has to die and Scarlet must be broken up over his death while Rhett isn’t.
Scarlet demands an answer to why Rhett isn’t saddened by the loss of their friends, he replies “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give… A dam!” The last two words come in a shout as he realizes that the tornado caught up to them and just destroyed a dam, sending a wall of water at them.
The wall of water draws close, horror is plain on both Scarlet and Rhett’s faces… Fade to black, the end.

Now that is our first try at remaking Gone With the Wind, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ve got another, completely different idea for remaking it, I hope you’ll join me next Friday for it.
Thanks for read and please leave you thoughts below.


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