Wacky logic for May 12th

I’ve got more wacky logic for you tonight, it’s amazing the things you can come up with after a few moments of thought.
Here’s what we’re using tonight:

1: pumpkins.

2: Pi.

3: modern communication technology promotes brevity.

4: mathematicians.

Now add my wacky logic:

Pumpkins are fruits.

Fruits make good pies.

Pi is a mathematical formula.

Cooking involves mathematics.

Mathematics are used by mathematicians.

Mathematicians use computers.

Computers have changed how we communicate.

Modern communications encourage brevity.

Pie could be abbreviated Pi.

Put all of these facts together and you are forced to realize that mathematicians long ago created the perfect recipe for pies and have been hiding them in mathematical formulas for years.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this taste of wacky logic!


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