Jokes for May 14th

It’s Wednesday night again, time for more of of my world famous jokes… Well maybe not world famous, but they aren’t all bad.

Why did the tailor sew gold coins into his knapsacks?
He wanted to be known as Mr Moneybags.

The bank robbers planned everything out in advance, unfortunately the one in charge of the getaway took the idea of being on the lam too seriously and brought lambs with saddles to the hold up.

How are fish men like vampires?
They both always are looking for bites.

Did you hear about the crazy inventor who built an airplane shaped like a chronometer? He became a time traveler.

The farmer was a decent employer, he gave everyone decent celery.

When the banker crossed a wizard, who turned him into a gorilla, he said “You won’t make a monkey out if me!”

Tonight I’ve got a joke that didn’t work out right, it’s slightly funny, but not that good:

When the alien landed in New York, He saw the Empire State Building and declared “I’ve seen cities bigger than that empire.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these jokes, thanks for reading!


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