Random thoughts for May 20th

If blogging was easy, everyone would do it… Oops, they already do.
Some days I feel as if my blog is lost on the great sea of blogs, but then I realize that it doesn’t matter if at least one person enjoys my posts.

Has anyone wondered why frozen balls of rain are called hail?
It’s not something you’d no normally bother thinking about, but it’s a word that has other meanings as well, as in ‘I hail from Denver’ or it’s in hailing a person.
With those two thoughts in mind, you have a mystery, I’m sure there is a well thought out reason somewhere, but being lazy as I am, I’ll just assume that the cavemen tossed pebbles or rocks at each other to attract their attention.

If Shakespeare was alive today, besides being very old, he’d be tweeting something like: to tweet or to blog, that is the question.

What this world needs is a good ten cent doughnut.

Thanks for reading!


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