Random thought for June 2nd

Somedays blogging is easy, for the other three hundred odd days, we’re forced to improvise, this is a… Well a pachyderm in the blogging world, I’m going to address it here.
To improvise a blog post, we must first create an idea, luckily anything will do, say a piece about riding purple alien elephants.
As nothing is known about purple alien elephants, we have great leeway in our facts, something that saves a lot of time. Nothing is too far fetched to write.
For instance, no one can dispute the fact that purple alien elephants walk backwards, nor the idea that they can leap over three hundred yard wide ravines… on the moon at least.
Most people will wonder about the size of a purple alien elephant, as no one has ever seen one, we can claim that it’s any size we want it to be, in fact it could possibly change it’s size depending on the time of day, also when it eats tomatoes it could shrink down to a small enough size to put in your pocket, luckily the purple alien elephants are inflatable, huh?
No one can dispute these ideas, save fo run imaginative scientists, who are not our target audiences anyway.
Now if you prefer to keep your posts more realistic, you can wax poetic about mopping, or you could expound on the theory of relativity, most people don’t have move than a fleeting grasp of it, so you can get by with a quick glance at Wikipedia’s article about it.
Now if you’d prefer to stick to culinary topics, you can always clean up with pits and pans… Or is it pots and pans you have to clean up?

Combine fishing and cooking by talking about casting flies and cast iron skillets, though this is a heavy topic that can also be deep.

If horses are more to your taste feel free to blog a book about it, I bet you’ll find it’ll be a jewel worthy of three crowns.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your ideas on coming up with blog posts!


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