Wacky musings and logic for June 3rd

If a chip is a piece of something, why is a piece broken off of a potato chip not a chip of a chip but a crumb?

Chocolate should only be eaten late in the day, otherwise it would be called choco-early.

Weather forecasters should be called whether or not forecasters. 

Wacky logic!

Dough is slang for money, 

A nut is someone who is crazy,

There for a doughnut should be someone who’s crazy for money.

If you go on vacation you’re getting away,

Bank robbers also need to get away,

You use a car to get to your vacation,

Bank robbers also use cars to get away,

Vacations cost a lot of money,

Bank robbers steal a lot of money,

Therefore if you go on vacation you have probably just robbed a bank… Or your bank might have robbed you.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve gotten a chuckle from these musings.


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