Random thoughts for June 9th

Just to remind you loyal readers of my blog, Wednesday is the day I put out my next post full of jokes. In the last post of jokes I included a new feature where I asked you to finish the jokes, with only two days left, you need to comment with your ending to any or all of these jokes:

A garbanzo bean rides a pinto into a bar…

A buccaneer, a rabbit and a politician walk into a Chinese resturant…

What does a pirate think about cabbage?

Thanks again for taking a few minutes to finish these jokes, don’t worry about how bad your joke might be… Just look at some of mine.

Two examples of the craziness of language:

If negative is bad, why is it a good thing for tests to come back negative? You’d think a positive test would be better, but whenever a baseball player gets an X-ray, it’s always a good thing if the results are negative, it means he’ll be playing again soon.

Another word that doesn’t make sense in usage is the word grilled. You can grill burgers, they get crisp and cooked, but when police grill a suspect, they aren’t electrocuting him, they’re just trying to get the truth out of him.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got a chuckle out of this. Feel free to comment.


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