Jokes for June 11th

Tonight I’ve got a bunch of new jokes for your entertainment. I’ve got good jokes and bad, but they are all slightly funny at least, I hope you enjoy them.

An arch villain decided to start recruiting rabbits for his minions, deciding that he needed a catchy slogan, he settled on ‘hare today, goon tomorrow.

Did you hear about the old rabbit that was loosing its fur? It joined the hare club for rabbits.

Once there was a child born to a mad scientist and a super villain, she grew up watching as her parents were defeated time and again by superheroes. Deciding to combine the knowledge and powers endowed to her by her patents, she became a super mad scientist, an arch villain so to speak, she was bent on taking over the world, to that end she raised an army of mutated rabbits. Everything was going according to plan, New York was nearly captured, but just in the nick of time several superheroes united and forced her rabbit army to fall back in an orderly fashion.
Her minion in charge of the attack reported back “We’ve got a retreating hare line.”

What did the son of the barber rabbit refer to himself as? The heir of the hair hare.

What do you get if you cross a watermelon with a clown?
You get a clown spitting watermelon.

Answers to last weeks jokes:
It seems that my jokes were too hard for anyone to finish last week, so I went ahead and used my personal brand of humor on them, enjoy!

A garbanzo bean rides a pinto into a bar and asks where the nearest river crossing is. The barkeep looks at him and shrugs, saying “So you’re looking for a ford on your pinto?”

A buccaneer, a rabbit and a politician walk into a Chinese resturant, the chef looks at them and says “I can only serve one of you, it’s not the year of the rabbit, so I can’t serve a rabbit. I’d have brought food to you, buccaneer, I’d wok it to your ship if you’d like.”
“What about me?”demanded the politician.
“Come back during the year of the rat,” the chef suggested.

What does a pirate think about cabbage? He has a harrrd time making up his mind.

Finish these jokes:
I’ll make these jokes a bit easier tonight, I hope these beginnings of jokes give you some inspiration for finishing them!

An avocado is going down the road and shouts…

How does an elephant cross a road?

A priest, a cowboy and a politician are lost in a desert…

I hope you’ve enjoyed these jokes tonight. Leave your finished jokes in the comments below!
Thanks for reading!


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