My take on Politics

To increase viewership on my blog, I’m going to randomly try a new topic on here… But be warned that I’m going to add my own brand of humor to it.
Tonight I’m talking politics, if I do everything right, I’ll be elected into every office in the world by new year.

One topic that is a political hotspot is immigration, illegal and otherwise.
My friends, I have the ultimate answer to forever ending illegal immigration, not only will it protect jobs, keep the military busy and allow people to travel as they wish, it will also increase funding to scientists.
How do I propose to do this you might ask, with a controlled series of 4 steps I answer.

1: perfect cloning technology.
2: clone the greatest military leaders of all time, Ceaser, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, George Washington, Grant, Lee and all other leaders that won great battles.
3: put the cloned military leaders in charge of the military.
4: conquer the world.

With that done, there will no longer be illegal immigration, money will all be standard, no passports will be needed anymore. Also war will be finished once and for all as there will be no one left to fight.
Now I’m quite aware that many people will be skeptical about my plan, many might expect my plan to fail as certain groups will never accept my brand of world peace. I have an answer for those people: you’re going to help colonize Mars!

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think of my take on politics!

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