For want of an idea…

What ho, knaves! It is I, Sir Colin of blog Mageowl.
It is with a heavy heart that I find myself tasked with admitting that there is no idea behind this post, so I am forced to take on the speech of a knight of old.
Hark! Is that a dragon I spy? A lack and alas ’tis not, ’tis only a miller moth.
‘Tis pon mine shoulders to fill out this post enough that it seems that I had planned it thusly.
Should this unfortunate lack of ideas continue, I shall take up arms and go searching for ideas to joust with, all in the name of blogging.
So fear not, my loyal readers, thou knaves shall soon see fresh ideas tumbling into this blog in new posts.

Should mine quest fail and I cannot come up with any new ideas, I’ll simply start spouting Shakespeare.
I hope thou hast enjoyed this post, if thou did not, than ye only hast to wait until the morrow, when I shall have fought terrifying ideas in search for the hidden gems that dragons have hidden away.
I take my leave now, noble readers, to seek out those ideas I have spoke of, blog Mageowl shall have its new ideas! Tally ho!

Thank thou, knaves, for reading this post.


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