Jokes for June 18th

Thanks for joining me on this fine Wednesday evening. I’ve got a few jokes for you again tonight, they won’t all be great, but it hope you’ll get a chuckle from some of them at least.

Have you heard about the underwater archeologist? Whenever he had a chance for a new discovery he’d dive right in.

Did you hear about the accident at the potato factory? The workers were left with chips on their shoulders.

A billionaire was traveling with his dog, an official stopped him and demanded to know if his dog had papers, the billionaire replied “Papers? Who has papers these days? I’ll have you know my dog owns three news channels!”

What do you call an old piece of teak?
An an-teak!

Finish these jokes:

Last weeks jokes were too hard for you again, loyal readers, here are my answers to them.

An avocado is going down the road and shouts… I’m on a roll now!

How does an elephant cross a road? However it wants, no one is going to protest it.

A priest, a cowboy and a politician are lost in a desert… They find a single bottle of water. Each one wants it for themself. The cowboy draws his pistol and says it’s his, the priest says that as he saw it first god meant it for him, while the priest and the cowboy were arguing, the politician drank the water and sold the empty bottle to another man who showed up in exchange for his vote.

Here’s a new joke for you to finish this week, I’ll go easy on you this time:
What quacks and hides in a ravine?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed at least one of these jokes.
Please feel free to offer your comments and don’t forget to share your own jokes too!


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