Hot to destroy a classic movie: Captain Blood

It’s Friday night and were going to remake another classic movie! I hope you’re ready for a swashbuckling good time!
Tonight we’re going to remake Captain Blood, it’s going to be fun!

The plot:

A wrongly convicted and enslaved doctor turns pirate turns loyal privateer turns governor and wins the love of a lady.

Our story.

We’re going to change a few minor things about the movie, but mostly it’ll remain true to the original.
We’re going to change the doctor into a time traveling doctor trapped in that time period and forced to right wrongs.

While visiting his mad scientist brother, Peter Blood, m.d. discovers that his brother has embarked on an attempt to change history, his ultimate goal is to become emperor of the entire world. Realizing the he is the only one who can possibly prevent his brother from successfully taking over the world, Peter Blood enters the time machine.

Now we should have some kind of time travel effects, a swirling vortex with images from different points in time, for instance, or if you want something strange, a blinding swirl of different color lights changing from one to another with eery music. A third option is to have total darkness and silence for a minute or two, then just when the audience thinks something is wrong, bang! Music blares, the screen goes bright and our hero reappears no worse for wear.

Now, as a wrongly convicted doctor, Peter Blood is sent with other rebels to Port Royal to be sold into slavery. While it seems a miscarriage of justice, he was only trying to save a life, it’s really part of Peter’s plan, his brother is poising as a plantation owner on Port Royal.
He ends up working on his brother’s plantation until the governor tires of his worthless doctors and learns that Blood was a doctor, after that Blood becomes the governor’s personal doctor.
The despised doctors, finding themselves without prospects, they agree to supply doctor Blood and the other rebels with a ship to escape with.
On the night they are due to escape, a Spanish ship attacks, the ship the doctors supplied them with is sunk and they decide to take a better ship, the spaniards own ship.
Peter Blood vows to return to Port Royal, as his mission isn’t finished yet, his brother vows to kill Peter Blood when next they meet.
With no place to turn and a well armed ship at hand, the escaped men appoint Peter Blood as their captain and turn pirate.
Now our movie turns to fancy sword fights and pirate battles for a time, it should stay close to the original movie here… Captain Blood gains fame and fortune, joins forces with a French pirate and rescues the daughter of Port Royal’s governor.
This is the perfect chance to have Peter learn that his brother is the new governor of Port Royal.
He sails for Port Royal anyway, intent on returning the lady to safety. However as his ship nears Port Royal, it turns out there are two French ships attacking, he makes ready to send the lady ashore on the far side of the isle, but the man who was rescued from the French pirate reveals that he was sent to offer Captain Blood and his crew a radon if they help fight the French.
They sink one French ship, but as his ship begins to sink, Blood orders his crew to board the remaining French ship and they seize it.
Peter Blood’s brother returns, he had taken his ship out to seek Peter himself, he ends up begging Peter Blood for his life, Peter agrees, but with the agreement that he gives up his devious plans.
The end.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this remake of Captain Blood, I know I had fun writing it. Thanks for reading!
Feel free to offer your ideas. I apologize for any typos, they are mostly due to autocorrect.


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