How to top ice cream

The only thing that’s better than ice cream is the toppings you put on the ice cream.
The best flavor of ice cream to put toppings on is vanilla, the reason is that vanilla lends itself to nearly any other flavor, which is also why so many dessert recipes call for vanilla extract even if it’s a chocolate dessert, unless you live in a desert, in which case you should desert your home.
Chocolate is a runner up in regards for topping ice cream.

Once you have your vanilla ice cream scooped out (three scoops? Twelve?) you have to make a choice. If you enjoy chocolate, add chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings or even chocolate cookies.
If you enjoy fruits, add your favorite, slice on strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or whatever fruit you enjoy.
Fudge sauce is also a wonderful topping, of course

My favorite topping, don’t laugh, is brown sugar, but only 100% cane sugar. When the ice cream starts to melt, it starts to dissolve the sugar and forms almost a butterscotch syrup. Add a few chocolate chips and you can’t beat it on a sweltering summer night.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a few new ideas for topping ice cream.
Do you have a favorite topping? Please share it.


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