Jokes for June 25th

It’s time for some new jokes!
Most of these jokes are cool, just not in the sense you’re thinking. I think you’ll enjoy these sweet jokes tonight, you’re in for a treat!

What kind of websites do desserts use to communicate?
Ice cream social media.

What did the banana do when it saw the chef whipping the cream?
It split!

When the ice cream heard that it had been sentenced to a sundae, it said “oh fudge.”

Did you hear about the raid on the dessert resturant? Turns out it was a front for a gambling ring, it wasn’t hidden too well, everyone was talking about the sorbets.

Did you hear about the baseball game organized by desserts? The bases were a piece of cake. The only odd thing about it was there we’re three scoops to an out.

When the ice cream was arrested for identity theft, it was milk-shaking in its boots.

It was the fight of the century, triple layer chocolate cake vs Gelato. They were evenly match through the first five rounds, in the sixth round it looked like the cake had finally found Gelato’s weakness, but Gelato fought bravely on. In the seventh round Gelato managed win win the match on a TKO. When asked later how it had won, it replied “Ice creamed it.”

Long ago an ice cream company was struggling, nearly bankrupt. Deciding to risk everything to true it’s fortune around, it bought a pickle company, after which it released a new product: Ice cream in a pickle.

Did you hear about the mad scientist who crossed a kangaroo, a cow and an ice machine? He did so because he wanted a milkshake.

What does ice cream do on a sundae?
It gets eaten.

Finish the joke:

Last weeks joke: What quacks and hides in a ravine? A duck. Thanks to

This weeks joke:

What do you get if you put a cow and a block of ice in a life boat?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these chilly jokes on this summer night.


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