If cats could change the world


If cats could change the world, here are a few things that they would insist upon:


  • Catnip would grow like weeds everywhere.
  • Cream would be readily available for all cats.
  • Everyone would stop and scratch any ears that is itchy.
  • Anchovies would be served at every meal.
  • Cat food would come in three flavors, fish, poultry and mouse.
  • All electronic devices would be set down for any cat to walk over\sleep on.


The main employments of humans would be as follows:

  1. Ear scratcher
  2. Belly rubber
  3. Can opener
  4. Toy maker
  5. Lap holder


Every meal would consist of:


  • A salad of catnip
  • A entrée of moist food
  • A desert of ice cream would round off the meal

A short list of things that cats would ban:


  1. Dogs
  2. Broccoli
  3. Pills and other medication for cats.
  4. Cloudy days


I hope this post has given you new insight into cats. Please feel free to add to this in the comments.




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