How to name a cat

So you have a new cat and you want a good name for him or her.
There are as many different ideas on what makes a good name for a pt as there are people… perhaps more if you factor in the pets ideas.
Now some people insist on names like Fluffy, Spot or Patches. While some cats may accept those names, most will want a much more unique name, which is what I’m here to help you with.

Choosing a naming strategy

The first thing you want ti decide on is what kind of name you want, do you want a intellectual name? A humorous name? A descriptive name? Or a name that no one else understands?
If you choose an intellectual name, you’ll have to consider something like Newton or Edison.
A humorous name would be something like Catherine Cat, where you’d shorten it to Cat Cat.
A descriptive name would be something like Laptop or Watcher.
A name no one understands? Take something you enjoy and reverse the letter, e.g. if you love tacos, your cat’s new name would be Socat.

Deciding on a name

Now that you have a strategy selected, spend at least a day considering names, making lists and tossing darts to narrow you choices to less than three names.
Make sure that you consider combining strategies, a humorous name that’s discriptive is always an option, say something like Lazy Rush.
Make sure that you take enough time and weigh every choice before settling on a name.
Once you have that completed, discard your hard work because you’ve subconsciously have already selected a name that isn’t on your list.


No matter what name you choose, your cat will have the final decision. It’s up to him or her to accept any name you come up with.
Never forget that a cat always replies to “Awe” as a name when you pet it.
As long as you feed your cat good food and give it plenty of affection, a name is of little matter… unless you have two cats, in which case good luck.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this!

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