Jokes for July 9th

It’s Wednesday night and time for a new batch of jokes! I hope you enjoy these.

Jokes, riddles and more

One night in the old west, a group gathered for a game of poker on the range.
Every player was experienced, but one player kept winning every hand.
The losers kept watching for signs of cheating, but they couldn’t see any.
Finally Bill Cody said “You’ve got me buffaloed!”

A cowhand went into a fancy restaurant looking for work and was promptly hired as a chef when he told the owner he was home on the range.

Since there used to be tin works and ironworks and every other kind of works where the object named was turned into things, what do they make in fireworks today?

When you’re in a boat that starts sinking, you grab a bucket and start to bail. What do you do if your boat hits an iceberg?
Use an ice bucket.

What can stop you from blogging with a single glance?
A cat… add in a purr or two and you’ll never finish your post.

If a cat knocks over a vase and looks away, did it ever exist in one piece?

Failed jokes

What walks on four feet and has dirty paws?
A cat on a dusty road.

What has an unlimited amount of fur and purrs?
A cat in summer with a bowl of ice cream.

Finish the joke

This week we’re going to change things a bit. Instead of letting you suggest the ending of a joke, you get to choose between two possible endings.

An alien gardener landed in Chicago, he turned to the first human he saw and said…

1; Take me to your weeder.
2: Where’s the corn?
3: I thought this was a big apple!

Leave a comment for your favorite below.

Last weeks joke:

What does a cat do if he finds himself in a seafood restaurant?

He goes on the seafood diet. He sees food and eats it. Thanks to

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed tonights jokes1

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