A few random thoughts about cats

Has anyone realized that cats would be great spies? Here are a few reasons:

1.They can go anywhere without anyone noticing.
2. If they are discovered, all they would have to do is to roll over and bat some yarn.
3. With their natural ninja like reflexes, they are ready for anything.
4. They can climb anything that they can’t jump on.
5.With modern technology, any collar could be out fitted with a voice transmitter.

With that said, the only drawback is that a string or bag of catnip could turn any cat into a double agent.


It’s amazing how high cats can jump, when you see them jump you realize just much that tail helps their balance.


It’s also amazing to see just how brave and unconcerned some cats are. When you knock things over and they don’t even glance up, you can tell that they feel right at home and safe.
It does make you wonder just what they’d do if something dangerous was coming towards them however.


Some cats have such soft fur while other cats fur isn’t nearly as soft, it’s amazing that there is such a difference between cats.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.


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