Cook like a cat

Tonight I’ll show you how to cook like a cat would.


Everyone loves a salad, even cats. A salad composed of wheat grass and catnip with an egg dressing is superb.

Another option is a fruit salad with whipped cream. A cat friendly option is to exclude the fruit.

Main course

The one thing every meal would be incomplete without is gravy. Every cat loves gravy… come to think of it, so do most humans.

Tuna is another option for picky cats. Most other kinds of fish are also acceptable… only no catfish please.

Cats are carnivorous, its a fact. They enjoy any kind of meat. Don’t think that cats dislike big game… a buffalo is fair game if you have enough large cats.


No meal is complete without dessert. Dessert is one meal that is extraordinarily simple for cats: Catnip ice cream.
If you cannot find catnip flavored ice cream, simply take vanilla ice cream and sprinkle catnip liberally on top.
Some cats will accept plain vanilla ice cream as well.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this.
Feel free to comment.

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