Baking with cats

First off, this post is about baking with cats that are curious about what you’re doing. I just wanted to clear up any confusion a normal person wouldn’t have had.

So you want to bake with cats in your home. It’s not hard, you just have to factor in a few delays.
Let’s take brownies as an example:

Without cats a batch of brownies takes about ten to fifteen minutes to whip up before putting them in the oven, with cats… well… let’s break it down a bit first:

Measure out butter, let cat(s) test it for freshness: Ten minutes.

Measure out cocoa power with cat(s) wrapping around your legs, spill nearly as much as you need: 10 minutes.

Chase down cat(s) and dust off cocoa powder they rolled in: 25 minutes.

Measure out flour: 1 minute.
Hide your laughter as your black cat turns white with flour: 5 minutes.
Clean off cat: 20 minutes.
Clean and bandage claw marks: 10 minutes.

Grease pan with butter: 2 minutes.
Keep cat away from pan while you pour in batter: 5 minutes.

Not listed in the above break down is the amount of time you will spend letting your cat(s) lick butter off your fingers.
As you can see, it does take a bit longer to back with a cat in the house, however the benefits vastly outweigh the extra time you will spend.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got a chuckle or two!
Feel free to comment with your experiences baking with cats!


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