Jokes for August 6th

Thanks for reading my blog this Wednesday evening, I hope you’re ready for a bunch of jokes! These jokes might not be good, but I think they are funny, I hope you agree!

What did…

What did the tooth say to the apple?

I’ll bite you later.

What did the bat say to the ball after the ball insulted the bats lineage?

I’ll hit you for that!

What did the cat do to distract the blogger from his post?

Sit on the keyboard, try to bite the case, anything he could thing of.

What did the thief wear to ensure he wouldn’t be caught?

He wore slippers!

An odd joke

A man had an excellent day at the races, he won nearly every race he bet on. One thing was odd, however, the winning horse in every race he won only won by a nose.
Finally a jockey stopped him and asked what his secret was.
The man looked at the jockey, laughed and explained, “I’ve been a plastic surgeon for over 30 years, I think I know something about noses.”

Cat jokes

How does a cat get it’s point across?

One claw at a time.

A cat wanders into a field of catnip, amazed at her luck, she rolls in the nearest bush and then took a nap, proving once and for all that nip comes before nap.

Thanks for readng, I hope you’ve enjoyed these joke.
I hope you’ll join me next week for another batch of jokes and riddles!


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