Random thoughts for August 7th

Tonight I’m sharing a few random thought with you for lack of a better idea.

What do you think of when you think of chips?
Potato chips? Tortilla chips? Pita chips?
Paint chips? Chips in a windshield? a cup with a chip?
There are even more kind of chips, you could have a chipped tooth, or you could be eating french fries or building a computer.
My only point is that it’s odd that the word ‘Chip’ can refer to so many unrelated things, language is an odd thing.

It’s amazing to watch cats play, for such small creatures they sure do have energy to spare.

If you throw in the towel, you’re giving up… but what if you’re doing laundry? If you throw in the towel, are you giving up or washing the towel?

Thanks for reading,


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