How to ruin any food: Fried chicken

Tonight we’re looking at fried chicken and how to ruin it. Almost everyone has an opinion on fried chicken, but I’m not interested in your opinion or anyone’s in fact. That is not the focus of this post, of course, tonight we’re looking at how to ruin them.

Before we begin, I want to offer these normal words of warning:


The rest of this post is designed to be humorous and is not intended to be taken seriously. Any attempt to ingest the substance described in the following paragraphs is not suggested and should be avoided. You’ve been warned.


History of tonight’s food:

Once again I have chosen a food that has been around so long that it’s origin has been lost to history.

From what I can find, fried chicken has been around since at least middle ages if not longer, perhaps even ancient Roman ate fried chicken, at least according to a few sources.

It seems that frying has always been an easy way to cook food, thus it’s been used as long as there has been oil for frying in.

It makes you wonder if certain junk food would have been fried in ancient times if they had been around, or course we will never know.

An interesting site that has what is said to be an ancient recipe for fried chicken is


What it is

Simply put, fried chicken is a chicken cut into pieces and fried, it is normally dipped in flour to bread it.


How to ruin it


Ruining fried chicken is simple, just leave it in the oil until it’s burned.

If you want other ways to ruin it, consider one or more of the following:



The flour the chicken is coated with is normally seasoned. Consider using any of the following seasonings:


Beet powder

Curry powder

Cumin powder

Brown sugar

Tomato powder with beet powder

Cayenne powder

Ginger powder





After it’s fried


Many people enjoy a sauce to dip their chicken in, consider having an odd sauce at the ready, such as:


Sweet and sour sauce

Chocolate sauce

Soy sauce

Melted ice cream lightly warmed


Horse radish sauce

Root beer

Oyster sauce


If those ideas don’t ruin your fried chicken, I don’t know what will!


Thanks for joining me again this Saturday night, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to ruin French fries.
Join me again next week when I attempt to ruin another beloved food.
Please leave any comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts about ruining food, I’ll take suggestions for next weeks food as well



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