Random thoughts for August 15th

As I don’t have any better ideas for a blog post tonight, I’ll share a few more random thoughts with you… you’ve been warned.

August in half over, it’s been such a quick summer that it should be spelled sumr.

While it’s supposedly for a good cause, I just don’t get the ‘Ice bucket challenge’ that every one is doing right now.
I also find myself wondering what it’ll be changed to for the winter, though I suppose a ‘coffee cup challange’ could also work, you could just donate a buck for every cup of coffee you drink.

As fall draws near, I see that the political season is in full steam. I keep wondering if there isn’t a better way to choose who gets to waste money… perhaps by joustng? Just imagine the number of spectators that would come out to see two politicians knock one another off a horse with lances.

While I know this post has been odd, I hope you’ll keep reading my future posts, I promise I’ll try to make them better than this.
Thanks for reading


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