What we learned in Doctor Who episode ‘Deep Breath’

Following up on my post from last Friday, I have a few answers to my questions.

1. Will it take place right after what we saw on the Christmas special, or will it jump into the future, as the fiftieth anniversary episode did from the last episode of last season?

Yes it did, or at least shortly there after, I think all we missed was a T-Rex chasing the TARDIS.

2. What kind of relationship will Capaldi’s Doctor have with his companion Clara?

This question is still being answered, but for the most part it seems like it’s going to be more like what we saw between between Rose tyler and the ninth Doctor. In fact there was quite a bit of similarity to the episode “End of the World”, from going for chips and the Doctor not having any money.

3. What will the new TARDIS look like? It’s been remodeled from what’s said in one of the trailers.

This was one of the bigger let downs, while it might be slightly changed, I really didn’t notice any major changes, though we didn’t get much of a change to see it.
Personally I’d like to see it a bit brighter like it used to be, however everything is darker on TV right now.

4. What will the new Doctor’s catch phrase be? All I can assume is it’ll be something new that we haven’t heard before.

Nothing stood out as a catch phrase in the first episode, though I suppose that “I’m Scotish!” could be the new catch phrase, though I hope not,
Personally, I much prefer a single word catch phrase

While there was much more to the episode, I really can’t say much without any spoilers, though I assume most interested people have all ready watched it.
However I want to point out that in “The girl in the Fireplace”, the Doctor never learned the name of the ship the time windows were opening on, therefore learning that the Marie Antoinette was the sister ship of the Madam de Pompadour would mean nothing to the Doctor.

Over all I thought it was a good episode, a little week in a few parts but otherwise a strong story. New new Doctor looks like he might be a very interesting version.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts.

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